Lucy Mansell has been with PSE Associates for just over three years and is a project administrator. Lucy put her CV online in the hope of finding something different to the role she was in. It caught the attention of Bonnie Neale at PSE Associates, who gave her a call.

“When I joined here, I instantly felt at home,” says Lucy. “Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and it was as if I’d been here for years. I think a lot of this has to do with how Paul and Colin have run the firm – we’re all made to feel part of the one team and in a way a family”

Before joining PSE Associates, Lucy was in several different roles, including working in a jeweller, in a customer service role for a driving school, and bar management while she also studied hairdressing at college.

“I think all this experience has helped in many ways” says Lucy. “In one role, I was involved with accounts and credit control and that’s certainly been useful here with reconciling”

Lucy has worked across several of the pub teams at PSE Associates and is currently involved with projects for both Young’s and Hall & Woodhouse.

“I like focusing on particular clients, mostly because I get to know how our quantity surveyors on those projects work,”

“I enjoy the actual work – which involves raising orders, processing invoices issuing minutes etc. You need to be organised to do this role and that suits me, as that’s the way I like to work.”

She continues: “It’s always busy here, there’s always something to do. The industry we work in is fast-paced, so you have to be ready to sort things out quickly and efficiently.”

In addition to her role in admin, Lucy also leads on social media and marketing, liaising with the company PSE Associates uses for content creation. In the main, this involves sharing news of projects which have been handed-over recently and sending updates about what’s happening in head office.

When she’s not at work, Lucy loves to get out for a walk with her dog Milo, while she and her partner are currently looking forward to purchasing their second home.

She has always lived in Brighton.

“I love the convenience of living in Brighton,” Lucy says

“Everything is on your doorstep and the city offers all you need, with a beach thrown in. Plus, there’s always something going on.”

Lucy says that initial sense of ‘feeling at home’ at PSE Associates remains.

“We spend more of our waking hours at work than anywhere else, so feeling settled somewhere is important,” she explains. “Everyone here is so down to earth and it makes for a lovely working environment.”

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