Senior Quantity Surveyor at PSE Associates, Jim Bratton, is taking part in this year’s London Marathon and raising funds for Myaware – which provides support for people with myasthenia and works hard to raise awareness of this condition.

The myasthenias are a group of neuromuscular conditions which can affect anyone, old or young. Myasthenia means muscle weakness. This is confined to the voluntary muscles, muscles whose action is normally controlled by an individual’s will such as the arm and leg muscles, and does not affect either the autonomic system or sensation. People with Myasthenia have characteristically fatigable muscles and the harder people with myasthenia try, the weaker they get

Myaware is a charity close to Jim’s heart, as his father-in-law, Huw suffers from Myasthenia.

“When Huw was diagnosed with Myasthenia it was the first I had heard of the illness and I didn’t fully understand or appreciate the impact it has,” says Jim.

“Huw has spent years helping others as a paramedic but unfortunately has had to retire from a job he loves due to Myasthenia. He is a great man who helps raise money for this charity himself, so I thought I would do my part.”

Jim had been with PSE Associates for 11 years and has worked across a number of different teams here. He currently heads up part of the pub team – supporting clients which include Star Pubs & Bars, Goals Soccer Centres and Ei Group.

Jim is juggling training for the London Marathon with family life with his wife and two young children, while he’s also involved with martial arts and Thai boxing and teaches at a local club.

For more information and sponsorship please support Jim if you can by sponsoring him at