Quantity surveyor Keith Templeton has been with PSE Associates for two years now and, in some ways, it was love which led him to the firm…

“I was talking to a recruitment agency and said I’d be happy to consider roles in the Bedford area and also London, as that was commutable. I also added Brighton to the list, as I was dating a girl who lived there,” he explains. “This led me to being offered an opportunity with PSE Associates; I moved to Brighton and married Adele last year.”

Keith is part of the pub team at PSE Associates.

“The pub sector was new to me when I joined, but I had been working on some large retail jobs with a supermarket chain previously and, in many ways, there are similarities,” he explains. “Both tend to be fast track work – as neither pubs or supermarkets want to be out of action for very long.”

Keith has also worked on the contractor side, which he says helps in his current position.

“It means I can see a project from both sides and have a better understanding of the concerns our client might have,” he says. “Knowing the construction aspect of a project is useful too.”

Keith says that when working on pub sites, he enjoys seeing refurbishments breath new life into local pubs, which are often at the hub of a community.

Over of the past few months, he has spent time working on the O’Neill’s brand for Mitchells & Butlers, supporting the client with refurbishment projects which has included pubs based all over the UK. The team has completed 16 O’Neill’s refurbishments so far this year, with Aberdeen included in that, which was the brand’s original site.

While Keith spends a fair amount of time out ‘on the road’ the early part of 2019 offered him the rare opportunity to walk to a project, when PSE Associates supported Mitchells & Butlers with the refurbishment of The Font in Brighton.

The building, originally Union Chapel, retains much evidence of its former life as a place of worship. It’s unclear exactly when the chapel was constructed, but a foundation stone still exists in the south wall which has been identified as either 1683 or 1688. It was originally used by Presbyterians – following an easing of restrictions on religious practices.

“Working with pub clients works really well, as it’s good for building a relationship as the same consultants and contractors tend to work for many of our clients” says Keith.

When he’s not in the office, Keith – who is still relatively new to the Brighton area – is enjoying discovering what Sussex has to offer.

“I’m lucky that Adele was born and bred in Brighton, so she’s a great guide,” he says. “In addition, I own a Harley-Davidson, so I am enjoying getting out and exploring on that. Other than that, we enjoy meeting up with friends and attending a church down here too.”PSE Associates provides traditional professional Quantity Surveying and Project Management services to many brand leaders in the leisure, retail and commercial sectors.